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In-Depth Exhibition Organisation in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

A live show or event can bring more life to your product launch. At HDK Marketing in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, we offer full-service exhibition organisation and point-of-sale consulting. Over the years, we have organised a wide range of exhibitions, including many from start to finish. You may not have the time to put a show together, but our staff can take on the entire process for you, putting your product in front of a crowd of willing and potential customers.


Take a load off and leave everything to us. Our team will handle administration, booking the stand space, organising wall graphics, and much more. Trust us to organise your merchandise, name badges, branded clothing, and booking you hotels. If it needs to be done, our team will handle it so all you have to do is walk onto the stand on opening day.

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Getting Started

Exhibitions start by organising a brief with you to gain an understanding of the messages you would like to communicate, as well as the key products you are presenting. We ensure the featured products and your key brand messages are the main focus, and then we work to ensure all the details are properly in place. These services are available to any industry or business, and we are happy to cater to your individual needs and tailor your event to your specific needs.

Turn to a trusted team with international experience working on large-space exhibitions as well as small, local exhibitions with nothing more than a pull up or pop-up stand. These are an economical way of going to an exhibition without worrying about all the organisation, thanks to our meticulous team of event planners and organisers.

Contact us today and start planning your exhibition with our exhibition organisation team.