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Graphics and Photography

Quality Graphic Design in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

HDK Marketing works closely with skilled graphic design professionals. Our designers take a professional approach to all of your marketing needs, including product photography and videography. The graphics created can be included in various media, including catalogues, newsletters, promotional flyers, websites, and YouTube videos. Our on-staff photographer specialises in capturing the fine details of your products and people, and bringing out the best features and benefits of those products.

Studio Space

Our studio space has plenty of room for detailed product photography, allowing you to take video and photos right here. Simply contact us to organise a session, during which we will take a brief, organise a storyboard, and present it to you before beginning photography. The storyboard helps write the script and sequence before shooting. When necessary, we also offer on-site recording and photography, should you want a video of your location. 

We can even go to a location of your choice, which is an excellent way to show a product in use. We are more than happy to travel all across the country, and have even gone as far as Ireland. Of course, we are happy to travel to Europe as well. 

Choose Us

Our team has extensive experience in photography and videography, as well as skilled graphic designers. Our videos have proven very successful, and have been used to launch products and to create European language videos. Your video can be short and snappy, or long and detailed. We like to keep our work eye-catching, ensuring they grab attention and show the products at their best. 

Contact us and let our graphic designer show your product in its best light.

Graphic Design