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Market Analysis and Research

Trusted Market Analysis and Research

HDK Marketing also offers trusted market analysis and research services in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. This is a spinoff from strategic planning, which allows you to move into a new market sector, or to further exploit the market you already occupy. The first and simplest part of the service is online research where we develop a comprehensive list of potential customers and their contact details. This helps us to tailor and deliver a targeted marketing programme for you.

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Guided Research & Support

Whenever possible, we make recommendations for areas where your business can succeed. If you do not know how to proceed from your current market position, our skilled team can scout the territories for you to exploit. From there, we can help you branch into new sectors. We will provide full and detailed market research and analysis based purely on the brief at hand. The length of time to complete the full market research and analysis service depends purely on the brief at hand, what you require, and the depth of your requirements. 

For accurate analysis, we need your sales figures. We break the sales figures into sub-sectors and analyse them in depth, breaking them down into sales by customer type, region, product line, and more. We provide a report and presentation to explain our findings across the board. Enlightening for your business, to help you recognise your current business situation

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