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We give the best results when we know your business, so we always start with a comprehensive review.

Business Review and Strategy

We specialise in B2B, B2C, Manufacturing, Fabrication and local industries and enterprises.

Sectors Served

Market analysis and research lets you know where you can expand, and how well you are positioned to do so.

Market Analysis and research

Make your next launch a success with targeted communications planning, including events and graphic design

Product Launches

Effective marketing campaign planning across all relevant communications channels will be prepared and rolled out for you.

Communications Planning

Show your products and services to an audience of willing customers waiting to buy your products.


We'll implement your communications online or offline, across the right channels and via your website to meet your objectives. We can carefully manage your community on social media and build an engaged, responsive audience.

Communication Delivery

We offer an expert Business Development service to ensure that your objectives are met. We will identify key opportunities for you or make follow up calls to ensure you leads are converted to sales.

Business Development

Want it all done for you? We offer a complete 360° marketing services from strategy to communications right through to lead follow up. Alternatively choose from our marketing pick and mix to get the package that's right for you.

Total Marketing Solutions


"HDK Marketing completely transformed my business and helped us to achieve our goals. Because of HDK Marketing we continue to grow."
Chris Parton, Part-On Tools

"Great fun to work with and gets results."
Claire Spendley, CIH